Mr. Wu Zhuodong of Shanghai Xinlun Was Awarded as “Technical Innovation Expert”

On May 8, Mr. Mao Guanghua, Chairman of Shanghai Xinlun, who was entrusted by the Shanghai Taopu Town Federation of Trade Unions, presented the 2019 Shanghai Taopu Town “Technological Innovation Expert” certificate to Xinlun employee Mr. Wu Zhuodong. In accordance with the spirit of the document “Several Opinions on Promoting the Innovation of Frontline Workers and Promoting “Popular Entrepreneurship and Innovation”” issued by the Shanghai Federation of Trade Unions, in order to play the active role of economic and technological innovation of employees in the construction of Taopu, encourage the spirit of loving the job, studying the skills and overcome difficulties among the whole town’s employees, and actively promote the construction of a knowledge-based, technical, and innovative staff. The Taopu Town Federation of Trade Unions decided to elect 2019 “Technical Innovation Experts” and “Technological Innovation Excellent Teams” in Taopu Town. After several checking and examining in the past three months, Mr. Wu Zhuodong, manager of the Technology Department of Shanghai Xinlun, was awarded the “Technical Innovation Expert of 2019” by the Taopu Town Federation of Trade Unions.